We want to help our members create and develop financially sustainable businesses that make a difference in "bottom billion" nations and disadvantaged groups anywhere in the world. 

We're a bunch of followers of Jesus who want to bless and work with people or any or no faith. Rather than do stuff and ask for money, our aim is to find like minded entrepreneurs, business advisors, mentors, specialists and investors; inspire and perhaps re-ignite their passion; suggest ways they can get involved; and provide practical and spiritual support. Members can be responding to this call as individuals or as part of a local church response.

Members might be involved in creating or developing impact businesses; see for example the Transcend case study. It could involve helping NGOs with their enterprise development initiatives. And as unemployment spikes following Covid, it includes helping people create a job for themselves (and perhaps others) using our "Mind your own business" materials.

Anyone can subscribe to the network. For those who want to go deeper, to receive spiritual support, discipleship and be part of an accountability group, we would encourage you to join the TEN Community.


  • Facilitating human flourishing through enterprise
  • Focus on “Bottom Billion” nations and disadvantaged groups anywhere
  • Bringing culture change modelling integrity and generosity in a commercial context.


  • Enterprise is the long term solution to poverty
  • Focus on "impact enterprises" (for-profit businesses therefore financially self sustaining enterprises where the prime purpose is social, environmental, and / or spiritual) including helping aspiring entrepreneurs start a business able to support their family
  • Also assist development NGOs with their business related activities.


  • Community of believers supporting and encouraging each other 
  • We aim to inspire members, help them become engaged with impact businesses, and support their work.
  • Bottom up not top down: TEN impacts members who impact the world.

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Emerging from TBN with a new approach

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Transformational Enterprise Network is in the process of being registered as a CIO in England and Wales
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