Can I join from outside the UK?

Yes would would love you to and already have subscribers in the USA, South Africa and Australia. Just tick "pay by card" when you join. The back end is Stripe, which can received payments in 135 currencies. Direct Debits only currently work in the UK.

Surely there are similar organisations?

We have identified nearly 40 organisations that overlap with what we do; but so far we haven't found another Christian based organisation whose purpose is to help members get directly involved in tackling poverty and unemployment. We are encouraging other organisations with shared interests to link with us (if appropriate at no cost) so we can work together. We also plan a "listening event" with interested organisations, so we can all hear what others' are doing, share our vision and co-ordinate plans.

Is TEN only for Christians?

Our ultimate aim is to alleviate poverty anywhere in the world for anyone, of any or no faith. Our particular niche is to do this by standing alongside members in their God-given call to do this. 

We believe that followers of Jesus have the resources of heaven at their disposal and we want to help them release this for the benefit of all! So while we hope anyone interested will be a subscriber, members need to be willing to work towards the TEN Challenges. This will only be possible if you see yourself as on a spiritual journey - however far you are along it - and open to the teaching of Jesus and the guidance of the Spirit.

Do you have a statement of faith?

Not as such because we want to support all those on a faith journey, connected with any mainstream (Trinitarian) denomination. However, the TEN Challenges give a feel for the direction of travel. 

We are committed to modelling Christian values in the leadership of impact enterprise, recognising that these values are not unique to the Christian faith.

In the context of enterprise leadership, the key values are: 

  • Honesty, transparency, and integrity in dealing with staff, customers, suppliers, tax and regulatory authorities
  • Respect for all individuals, acknowledging that others have much to teach us: because men and women are made in the image of God, every person, regardless of race, religion, colour, culture, class, sex or age, has an intrinsic dignity and therefore should be respected and served
  • Generosity: using our time and resources for others, recognising that all we have comes from God

Do you have other questions? Let us know so we can add them!

Transformational Enterprise Network is a CIO, registered in England and Wales, Charity Number 1194973
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