Jonathan Bamber co-founded Burton and Bamber Co. Ltd in 2015, an agro-processing company, delivering world-class healthy snacks and food ingredients to Kenya, East Africa and Europe, using fruit and vegetable inputs sourced from smallholder farmers. 

Jonathan once worked for the solar power company Toughstuff which was connected with TBN. He and Jerry both spoke at an event in Kampala, with the PM, bishops and business people. He has also been part of other extraordinary projects (such as Kuzuko Lodge) and has a career spanning the FCO, Salvation Army overseas development programmes and a host of other activities across Africa and Asia. 

"70% of juicy Kenyan mangoes never get to market. We asked small-scale farmers why their mangoes simply rot in the fields instead of being sold for cash, so they can send their children to school and provide for their families. The farmers explained how the links needed between the farm and the market simply don’t exist. We said, “We think we can help you with that.”

The presentation can be viewed here.

Information on the products is available here:

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