Patrick is a professional tour guide in Madagascar. While travelling around the country he has seen first-hand the result of deforestation. He is alarmed at the rate of deforestation and the terrible consequences to the environment and wildlife. Firewood is used widely as fuel and to produce charcoal. Patrick realised most stoves and fuels are inefficient and that charcoal production create sa lot of waste.

The Product

During the pandemic, when there were no tourists, Patrick took time to innovated with stoves and investigated alternatives to firewood and charcoal. He designed a new more efficient clay stove (top picture). He also produces fuel briquettes made from existing waste products (see picture of briquettes drying). In combination the oven and briquettes boil water twice as fast as charcoal briquettes and last for four hours providing ample energy for cooking and other needs. The oven and briquettes are affordable for most people. Using the new stove in combination with the new briquettes will undoubtedly reduce pressure on existing forest as no wood is needed in the production process.

The Business Challenge

At present Patrick can supply a number of ovens and 60-80 Kgs of briquettes each day. These sell out very quickly. The challenge is to scale up production of both clay ovens and briquettes. Ovens are hand made locally. New machinery (for breaking up waste coconut shells, and for producing a larger quantity of briquettes each day)) could increase supply significantly and research to find suitable machinery is ongoing.

Once the business is successful locally it could be replicated across Madagascar reducing pressure on forests across the country.

The project was visited by TEN Member Ian Pounce in April 2023. Ian is providing advice and support.

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