We want to encourage members to go deeper in their relationships and discipleship through small peer led support and accountability groups. The "TEN challenges" are a framework to grow more like Jesus, a kind of 'Rule of Life' to work towards prayerfully.

Balanced Life

  • Up: Growing our relationship with God and His impact on every part of life. 
  • In: Deepening our relationship with our partners and team. Creating communities at work.
  • Out: Blessing others, building spiritual and relational capital from our intellectual, physical and financial capital. 

Holy Living

  • Simplicity: living joyfully and thankfully, keeping our environmental footprint small and our relationships healthy.
  • Purity: honouring God with a pure heart and good conscience. Being known for our integrity in action.
  • Accountability: inviting others to walk with us, to challenge and to call us to account.

Relating well with collaborators

  • Respect: knowing that everyone is created in God’s image and loved by God and seeing interaction as an opportunity to bless.
  • Humility: accepting that others have much to teach us and being confident in what we have to offer. 
  • Generosity: giving cheerfully, recognising that all we have comes from God. Living with trust in God rather than our ability to produce. 

In summary

  • Love: loving because we are loved.

Transformational Enterprise Network is a CIO, registered in England and Wales, Charity Number 1194973
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