The November gathering was on the theme of Time Management: some thoughts on Jesus and time management from Jerry and and excellent presentations from Lyle English and Gill Dandy.

"What fabulous presenters today!" said one participant after the meeting. So thanks, Gill and Lyle! Take a look.

The recording of the presentations is here. PowerPoints are below.

One participant, Mark Johnson, added a helpful manufacturing perspective. He wrote:

"I spent many years in Jaguar Land Rover in Engineering and IT. In those functions, meetings were always booked for one hour. Then I moved to Manufacturing. I booked my first meeting with some senior leaders, so of course set it up for one hour. I was shocked that nobody turned up.

I asked around and realised that in Manufacturing nobody books a meeting for an hour. 
In Manufacturing every second counts. Every 90 seconds a new vehicle is produced. 

I quickly learned that meetings should only be for as long as was necessary and that it was vital to have identified what specific value the meeting was designed to achieve, and who needed to be there for that value to be added - be it decision making, information cascade etc.

In the Time Management webinar it was suggested having Stand Up meetings to focus on prompt use of time. 10 minute standing daily startup meetings are the norm in the Manufacturing shop floor environment. We were able to successfully transpose those later into an office based Sales environment too. This brought a sharp focus to what we each aimed to deliver that day and made us all more productive with our time.

Thinking these things through in advance can make a 10 fold difference to our effective use of time for ourselves and for others."

Lyle's Presentation
Gill's Presentation
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